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Normally I don’t post this kind of stuff on Dangerous Ladies, but Emmy and I both thoroughly enjoyed this video on King K. Rool in Smash Bros and it only has 7000 views and we really wanted to share.

We’re both laughing like idiots and are probably going to be quoting this for years.

Emmy and Jenn

…This video just made me want King K.Rool in smash…

I didn’t know I wanted this so bad.


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Johnny Cage - Mortal Kombat

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RWBY Anime North 2014

Late but I’m getting around to editing more of my AN pics.

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Breaking News: RWBY Volume 2: Special clip


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Sailor Moon Group AN 2014

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The Megas

History Repeating: Red

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Thanks, Josh!

  1. Josh: I'm leaving you this bag of Cheetos.
  2. Jenn: Thanks.
  3. Christine: ... You're leaving us the worst snack for working with white fabric.
  4. Josh: Pretty much.
  5. Jenn: Put it away! Put it away!
  6. I take pride in what I do.
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Fresh from PAX east at the rooster teeth panel. THE BRAND NEW SEASON 2 RWBY OPENING!!!!!!!

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Hello! Huge fan of your Question cosplay, but I was wondering, where did you get that fancy hat (and what kind is it), and what did you use for the mask? Thanks in advance for your patience, and keep up the good work!
Anonymous asked

Sorry about the delay getting back to you. It’s a Fedora and unfortunately the site I bought that specific one from has been sold out for about 2 years now. I have a feeling restocking it isn’t in their future plans. Which is sad because I need to replace at some point.

The mask is basically just a white mask with a nylon stappled to it, not very complex at all.

Good luck if you’re looking to make your own!

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So it turns out the answer to my previous question was yes.
Very yes.

[broken sobbing]

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This… This is going to completely break my heart, isn’t it?

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Blocker Obtained!

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Casey Jones Progress.

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trust me im a dad